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Frequently asked questions

What kind of services does Faxapp provide?

We offer an innovative way of sending and receiving faxes, requiring only an internet connection.

What kinds of documents can I fax?

We accept the most common file formats: Adobe PDF, Microsoft Office and scanned images.

How will I be notified of delivery?

A receipt will be delivered to your email inbox.

This receipt is generated as soon as the destination fax has completed printing.
You will also be informed of any delivery errors (busy number, lack of paper, etc.)

How long will it take until my fax is transmitted?

Depending on the amount of pages, the transmission will be completed in about five minutes.

How can I receive faxes?

We will provide you with your own local phone number.

All faxes that are received on this number will be sent to your email inbox.

Is it possible to use an existing faxnumber ?

Yes. You can still use your "old" faxnumber and receive your faxes by email. There are two possibilities:

1.) Either you install a call forwarding function from your existing faxnumber to the faxnumber provided by us. All faxes to your existing faxnumber will be forwarded by email.

2.) Or we can migrate your existing landline faxnumber to our system. This process will take approximately 14 days and is associated with an one-time fee of 50 GBP. When the process is completed all faxes sent to your „old“ number will be forwarded to your email address. The contract with your current land-line provider will be canceled, in that way you save the recurring landline-fee.

Further questions?

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